Attendee Information

If you were accepted for a poster presentation, and you would like to have your poster printed for pick up on-site at the event, please use this link to order your poster:
General Information
This year’s events are taking place in Chicago, IL at the Sheraton Grand Chicago. Below is a review of some of the deadlines associated with the events, a highlight of some events around the annual meeting you might have previously missed, and a quick review of registration. 

On Site Registration

Registration is located on Level 3 adjacent to hotel registration starting on Tuesday. You can pick up your badge and meeting materials here. Registration will be open during the following hours:

Tuesday, October 15        
6:00pm – 10:00pm
Wednesday, October 16  
7:00am – 6:00pm
Thursday, October 17      
7:00am – 6:00pm
Friday, October 18         
7:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday, October 19 
7:00am – 5:00pm

October 16         Course in Hands-on Innovation and Methods in Endoscopy (CHIME)
                Held off-site at the IT&T Center, 3300 Woodcreek Drive, Downers Grove, IL
                Transportation will be provided at the END of the event to the Sheraton Grand Hotel
October 16         Single Topic Symposium: Chronic Liver Disease Management of the Gastroenterologist
October 17         Postgraduate Course
October 17-19 Annual Meeting NASPGHAN/APGNN/CPNP

It’s not all sessions – here are some of the FUN-raising events to add to your calendar at the Annual Meeting:
October 18          4:15pm  NASPGHAN Awards Ceremony – The highest awards of the society being presented.
                                Learn more about the awardees and their contributions to the field. 
October 19          6:00am 5k Walk/Run – The competition is both fierce and non-existent.
October 19          5:30pm GI Jeopardy Game for Fellows – Men vs Women this year?
October 19         7:00pm Social Event – DJ John will get everyone on the dance floor!

PDF Registration Form
(Adobe PDF File)
For anyone who needs a paper version of the rates/a registration form they can submit to their accounts payable, the link above goes to a downloadable pdf version of the full registration form.

For those who are registering online, please take your time and follow the directions step by step. Of special note is section 1 when you get to Program Items. That area scrolls and you need to add each meeting you are interested in attending to you cart. It goes in chronological order so the Annual Meeting is the last option listed. Once you click add, it will show a yellow box that reads “In Itinerary” in that section. Please also note that it will not let you add an item in the following sections if you have not selected the correct overarching event (for example, you cannot select a learning lunch if you have not also selected the postgraduate course.) 

In section 6, the Additional Events section, is where you will find the 5K and tickets for additional people you would like to bring to the Social Event. Everyone registered for the Annual Meeting is automatically registered for the Social Event as part of that registration. 

Please make sure you are logged into the site so the correct rates show for your member type. 

If you run into any issues, we are happy to help. Please call 215-641-9800.