On Site Registration Hours
Registration is located on Level 3 adjacent to hotel registration starting on Tuesday. You can register on site or pick up your badge and meeting materials here.
Registration will be open during the following hours:

Tuesday, October 15         6:00pm – 10:00pm
Wednesday, October 16  7:00am –  6:00pm
Thursday, October 17      7:00am –  6:00pm
Friday, October 18            7:00am –  5:00pm
Saturday, October 19       7:00am –  5:00pm

Wednesday, October 16
Course in Hands-on Innovation and Methods in Endoscopy (CHIME)

Single Topic Symposium: Chronic Liver Disease Management for the Gastroenterologist

Thursday, October 17
Postgraduate Course

Thursday, October 17-Saturday, October 19

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