Course in Hands-on Innovation and Methods in Endoscopy (CHIME)
Wednesday, October 16

Institute for Training & Technology Center (IT&T)
3300 Woodcreek Drive, Downers Grove, IL 60515

NASPGHAN is very excited to announce the "CHIME" hands-on endoscopy course with an emphasis on advanced techniques and “upskilling” will be held on the Wednesday before the Annual Meeting on Wednesday October 16th. The course location will be the home of the American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy's (ASGE) Interactive Training and Technology Center, with over 2800 square feet training space in Downer’s Grove, Illinois.   
The CHIME course will be aimed at fellows and faculty, and should provide a great opportunity to gain skills in a range of techniques, including clips and other closure devices, complex esophageal management (stricturoplasty and stents), foreign body removal (food impaction, sharps, batteries and magnets), bleeding (argon plasma coagulation, variceal band ligation, sclerotherapy, and bipolar coagulation) and “train the trainer”.  
Course Objectives:

  • Provide unique skills in a dedicated training area for endoscopy
  • Improve basic and advanced endoscopy skills
  • Introduce new techniques and equipment
  • Apply combined therapies in patients with non-variceal bleeding
  • Discuss research areas in several endoscopic disciplines
  • Focus on Upskilling and Train the Trainer

Shuttle service will be provided at the end of the course from the IT&T Center on the evening of Wednesday, October 16th to the Sheraton Grand Hotel where the Annual Meeting will take place. The course will not start until early afternoon, so attendees can plan to take early flights and go directly to the center. Space is limited, and past courses have been extremely popular.