Satellite Symposia

Friday, October 18

6:00pm - 10:00pm

Where Are We Now in the Management of Eosinophilic Esophagitis? Controversies and Catalysts

Program Director: Rod Smith, Scientific Director, Medscape

Program Agenda:
The goal of this activity is to update pediatric gastroenterologists on diagnosis, management, and emerging treatments for EoE.

Three faculty will engage in an interactive multi-format symposium, incorporating debate-style and Roundtable Panel Discussion presentation approaches, with a focus on the pediatric population. The following is the proposed content focus:


Assessment of participant baseline knowledge, competence, and confidence on EoE answered using iPads; this may include a pediatric case of EoE with questions on guideline-based care (eg, from diagnosis to management) 

Debating the pathogenesis of EoE

  • Is there variability between children and adults, race and gender?
  • Is EoE a progressive disease vs subtypes?
  • Can phenotypes be used to predict prognosis or therapeutic response?

Is diagnosis straightforward or are there still controversies?
  • Controversies related to PPI use and a discussion on updates in diagnostic criteria and steps for diagnosis, with a focus on the pediatric population

Headlines in EoE: A Roundtable Panel Discussion on the current and emerging management of EoE, which may include the role of
  • Dietary modifications
  • Clinical data on topical and systemic glucocorticoids
    • Emerging treatments, clinical trial design, and the latest clinical data
  • The role of various HCPs in diagnosis and management: from the pediatric gastroenterologist to the allergist/clinical immunologist

Posteducation assessment

Conclusions and Q&A

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this activity, learners will have

  • Increased knowledge regarding the
    • Pathogenesis of EoE
    • Clinical presentations of EoE in the pediatric population
    • Clinical data on emerging therapies for EoE
  • Greater competence related to
    • Incorporating the latest guidelines for diagnosis of EoE
A coordinated team approach to evidence-based management of patients with EoE

Supported by: Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited
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Additional information and registration to follow.