Invited Symposia: $20,000 EACH
Invited symposia are chosen and organized according to scientific and clinical importance and timeliness. Each of these symposia consists of invited speakers who are recognized experts in their field. Please contact the National Office or see the NASPGHAN website for program details.

Broad topics for this year will include:
  • Clinical Guidelines and Reports
  • Neurogastroenterology and Motility
  • Nutrition
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Liver
  • Complementary Medicine
  • Endoscopy
  • Functional GI
  • Malabsorption
  • Pancreas
  • Professional Development: Effective communication
  • Research: What are researchers doing for clinicians today?
  • Research: What does the researcher of the tomorrow look like?
  • Celiac Disease
  • Upper GI
Meet the Professor Breakfasts: $5,000 EACH
These sessions are led by experts who will each meet with 20–30 participants over breakfast. The format is casebased rather than didactic or formal instruction and we anticipate full registration in the program. Attendees select the topic that most interests them and advance registration is required. Support for the session includes breakfast.

Topics for this year will include:
  2. Women in Medicine
  3. Nutrition in Medically Complex Children
  4. Transition in Care
  5. Psychological Interventions for Gastroenterology
  6. Colorectal
  7. Successful Strategies to Sustain a Research Career
  8. When Your First Biologic Doesn't Work
  9. Differential Diagnosis for The Poor Feeder
  10. New Imaging Techniques/Therapies
  11. The Leaky Child

Poster Sessions (3): $10,000 EACH
Abstracts are presented at poster sessions each day of the Conference. Posters are located in the Exhibit Hall. These popular and well-attended sessions are accompanied by food and beverage service.


Shwachman Award: $10,000 
Presented on an annual basis, this award acknowledges lifetime contributions to the field of pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition. After widespread announcement of the award guidelines and upon careful review of the candidate’s nomination materials, only one individual is selected as the award recipient.  The award will be bestowed at the Annual Awards Ceremony. 

NASPGHAN Distinguished Service Award: $10,000 
The NASPGHAN Distinguished Service Award is presented to an individual to recognize excellence and service to the field of pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology, and nutrition for achievement of national and/or international recognition in their field. Both physicians and non-physicians are eligible for this award. The award is presented at the Annual Awards ceremony.

Teaching & Tomorrow Program: $75,000
NASPGHAN seeks support to continue our successful Teaching and Tomorrow program which brings promising pediatric residents to the NASPGHAN Annual Meeting & Postgraduate Course. This innovative program offers an extraordinary opportunity for a select group of residents to observe in person the clinical and scientific aspects of pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition. A primary goal of the program is to expose the best and the brightest residents to the many facets of pediatric gastroenterology practice and research and encourage interest in a pediatric gastroenterology career.


Annual Meeting APP: $20,000 
The meeting app provides a comprehensive listing of all the meeting activities. This essential guide to the meeting is provided to all attendees and available to them in advance to start the planning process and after the meeting as a reference tool. A sponsorship of the app includes a swipe screen upon opening of the app. 

Conference Bags: $15,000 
Conference bags provide an excellent opportunity to place your corporate logo on an item that will be used and seen by participants every day of the conference. 

Bag Inserts: $2,500 (PER INSERT) 
Double your exposure by inserting a flier, job opportunity, program announcement, or product into the conference tote bags; every attendee receives a bag and all bag inserts must be pre-approved by NASPGHAN. All supporters will be responsible for supplying the necessary amount of supplies for each bag. 
Promotional materials will not be permitted in the meeting halls, reception areas or any location in the conference venue outside of rented exhibition space.

Charging Stations: $15,000 (PER SPONSORSHIP) 
(2 stations per sponsorship—3 sponsorships available)
Grab attendees attention while they are charging up their devices. These 8’ tall stations with large imprint area available will be placed in common areas outside of the session rooms and/or the exhibit hall. A great way to reach beyond your exhibit space.

Lanyards: $10,000 
Every attendee receives a badge lanyard with their conference bag. Since badges must be worn at all times while at the meeting, attendees naturally rely on the fabric lanyards with a clip at the bottom to display their badge. Exhibiting companies are prohibited from distributing lanyards, making this an item that is well utilized by attendees. Support of this item includes standard attribution plus your company or product name on the lanyard.

Exhibit Hall Carpet Clings: $5,000 (PER CLING) 
Announce your presence in the exhibit hall as soon as attendees step inside with your logo and booth location at the front of the hall. Up to 4 available. 

Wi–Fi Landing Page: $15,000 
Your sponsorship will provide FREE Wi-Fi access to NASPGHAN attendees! Your Landing Page ad will be seen every time an attendee accesses the Wi-Fi internet providing thousands of views of your company name, logo and/or product/service

Mailing Lists: $1,500 
Lists are available for one time use, pre—show mailings.  Emails are not provided.

Keycards: $10,000 
You will be at every NASPGHAN hotel guest’s fingertips at least twice each day as they go in and out. Not only will you get high visibility, they won’t want to lose you! The cards will be printed with company name and logo on 1 side.

Refreshment Breaks: $10,000 
Provide attendees with a refreshing break as they peruse the exhibits or poster sessions. Refreshment stations will be set up throughout the hall for attendees’ convenience. Optionally, at your company’s expense, you may provide plates, napkins and table runners with the company or product name and logo.

Opening Reception: $20,000 
NASPGHAN attendees will be finishing up the Postgraduate Course or arriving for the opening of the meeting on Thursday. Get a head-start in promoting your company and networking by being the exclusive or co-sponsor of this welcome reception. Held in the exhibit hall, make sure to get additional exposure in a room with filled with companies trying to gain that valuable face to face time. Ability to add on extras like cocktail napkins or beverage cozies to expand that visibility. 

Pens: $4,000 
Have your company name and logo on the official NASPGHAN Pens that will be placed in every attendee’s Tote Bags for use throughout the meeting and beyond. 

Banner Ads on Conference App: $1,500 (PER AD) 
The app is the exclusive guide to the program of events including speakers and session descriptions, and links to exhibitor information as well as a map of the exhibit floor. It was viewed over 83,500 times and downloaded by almost all of the conference attendees. This year, we are offering highly visible, clickable banner ads on a first come-first served basis to those exhibiting companies who want to get their information into the hands of the attendee’s onsite.

In 2018, our 5K race drew over 100 runners and rave reviews. This year, we are hoping to grow closer to 200 runners. Your company’s name and logo will go on the T-shirts all attendees receive and will also be prominently displayed at the race site.