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Due to the ongoing pandemic, the event will be taking place on a Virtual Platform in 2020.

Bigger value in 2020: When you register for the 2020 Annual Meeting and Postgraduate course, you gain access to all of the content both live and recorded. So instead of being able to only attend one session at a time, you can attend a live session and go back and view the other concurrent sessions within 24 hours of them being live - For a full year!

November 1-6  Annual Meeting NASPGHAN/APGNN/CPNP
November 7
        Postgraduate Course 

PDF Registration Form
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For anyone who needs a paper version of the rates/a registration form they can submit to their accounts payable, the link above goes to a downloadable pdf version of the full registration form. Registration is now open. 

For those who are registering online, please take your time and follow the directions step by step. Of special note is section 1 when you get to Program Items. That area scrolls and you need to add each meeting you are interested in attending to you cart. It goes in chronological order. Once you click add, it will show a yellow box that reads “In Itinerary” in that section.

Please make sure you are logged into the site so the correct rates show for your member type. 

If you run into any issues, we are happy to help. Please call 215-641-9800. 

Please note: The deadline to receive a conference in a box was 10/8/2020. The conference in a box only ships domestically, not internationally. Items in the box contain connectors that would not would internationally.