Show Us Your Selfie and Share Your Annual Meeting!

How do you attend the Annual Meeting? We want you to share what works at our biggest gathering of the year along with all your tips and tricks about getting the most out of the experience.

Tag #NASPGHAN22 in social media posts during this year’s Annual Meeting.

  • What speakers do you look for?
  • How do you nab the best views?
  • What was the biggest surprise?
  • What talk blew you away?
  • Who is the one to beat in the 5K?
  • Any reunions with your roomie from the First year conference?
  • Did you find a hidden gem of a restaurant? 
  • And don’t forget the Gala!

We want to hear/see it all through your eyes.





Your Opportunity to "Star" in NASPGHAN 50th Anniversary Video

You’re invited to be a part of the 50th anniversary celebration video which will be shown during the Plenary Session at our annual meeting this October! 

One of the more fun elements of this video will be a montage of on-camera quotes from our members, shot by themselves in a selfie-video style.  Below and attached are the questions we’d like you to answer, as well as instructions for shooting and uploading the video.  Please direct any editorial questions to Margaret Stallings ( and any technical questions to Kenny Reff (

Although limited by time, we want to include as many people as possible. If you are willing to make a quick selfie video, please see the detailed instructions attached. We will need your contribution no later June 1, 2022.

You might consider answering one of the following questions:

Why do you value your membership in NASPGHAN?

How have you personally benefitted from being a member?

What is your favorite thing about NASPGHAN? (e.g., friendships and/or professional relationships, your favorite NASPGHAN moment etc.).

Please wait a couple of seconds after your statement and then say in your most upbeat and enthusiastic way – “I AM NASPGHAN!”.

We want the video to reflect all of our members and hope you will consider taking a few minutes to contribute to this effort.

Please see these instructions for producing and uploading your video.


Benjamin D. Gold MD

Jenifer Lightdale MD
President Elect