Bag Insert Information

If you have purchased a bag insert for the NASPGHAN Annual Meeting, follow these three easy steps for fulfillment.
1. Before having the item created, it needs to be approved by NASPGHAN for distribution at the Annual Meeting. Please email a copy of your insert to Laura Smith at for approval. 
2. Once approved, please have 2200 of the item created.
3. Ship the 2200 pieces to: 
North East Rapid Distributors
Attn: Show Materials – NASPGHAN 2022
5700 N. Cannon Ave.
Lansdale, PA 19446

Please include a packing slip inside each box of your shipment including this information:
Show Materials – NASPGHAN 2022
Description of your item
Number of boxes

North East Rapid Distributors will not accept any shipments that contain styrofoam peanuts as packing material. 

Deadline! Your insert must arrive by August 12, 2022 or it will not be included in the bags. 

If you would like NERD to produce your insert, you can contact them directly to discuss costs and timeline. The insert still needs to go to NASPGHAN between design and production for approval, but once approved it can be printed in house and you can avoid shipping fees.
Contact: Lindsey Baker
Phone (267) 981-9890

If you have not reserved a bag insert yet, but are interested in this marketing opportunity, you can easily sign up now.  You can print and return the form from the prospectus.