Event Overview

The 2019 NASPGHAN Annual Meeting includes the opportunity to register for the Course in Hands-on Innovation and Methods in Endoscopy (Held off-site at the IT&T Center) on October 16, the Single Topic Symposium on October 16, Postgraduate Course on October 17,  the Annual Meetings of NASPGHAN, APGNN and CPNP on October 17-19,  and  the Teaching and Tomorrow Program, on October 17-19.

The Course in Hands-on Innovation and Methods in Endoscopy (CHIME), the Single Topic Symposium, Postgraduate Course, and Annual Meetings, October 16-19 all have separate fees and require separate registrations.

The Teaching and Tomorrow Program is  for pediatric residents with an interest in pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition. It is expected that those participating in the program will be the equivalent of a PL-2 resident at the time of the meeting or PL-3 residents considering applying for fellowship to begin in July 2021. The Teaching and Tomorrow Program is not designed for residents currently in the process of interviewing for fellowship. 

Meetings you can register for during The 2019 NASPGHAN Annual Conference include:
  • Course in Hands-on Innovation and Methods in Endoscopy (CHIME), Held off-site at the IT&T Center, Wednesday October 16, 12 pm-6 pm 
  • Single Topic Symposium 2019: Chronic Liver Disease Management for the Gastroenterologist, October 16, 8 am-4 pm
  • Postgraduate Course 2019, October 17, 8 am-5 pm
  • Annual Meetings of NASPGHAN , APGNN and CPNP, October 17-19
  • Teaching & Tomorrow, October 17-19  
    (open to PL-2 Residents and select PL-3 Residents)

Early bird registration deadline is August 20, 2019

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