Moderators: Christine Waasdorp Hurtado, MD, Children's Hospital Colorado and Sarah Lusman, MD, New York-Presbyterian Hospital

Framing your feedback
H Barrett Fromme, MD, MPHE, Comer Children's Hospital Chicago
  • Describe the roles of both the learner and teacher in feedback
  • List two techniques to enhance the feedback relationship
  • Appreciate the role feedback plays in professional development
H Barrett Fromme
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Entrustable professional activities: How to incorporate into training
Cary Sauer, MD, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
  • Define/describe entrustable professional activities (EPAs)
  • Identify specific and practical components of EPAs useful for formative/summative feedback
  • Identify two opportunities to apply EPAs in training
Cary Sauer
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Integrating technology and teaching
Daniel Mallon, MD, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
  • Understand how online interactive spaced education programs leverage testing and spacing effects for learning
  • Envision how one could incorporate technology to facilitate synchronous group learning
  • Identify where to find curricular resources on the NASPGHAN members website
Daniel Mallon
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Best practices in teaching: Observing as the basis for assessing and coaching
Alan Leichtner, MD, FAAP, MS-HPEd, Boston Children's Hospital
  • Optimize opportunities to directly observe and assess trainees in the workplace
  • Develop new options for observing and assessing learners
  • Incorporate deliberate practice into teaching based on your observations and assessment
Alan Leichtner
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