Moderators: Melanie Greifer, MD, NYU Langone Health and Vicky Ng, MD, The Hospital for Sick Children

Fecal Microbiota Transplantation in the XXI. Century, Really?
Richard Kellermayer, MD, PhD, Texas Children's Hospital
  • Recognize the controversies of the gut microbiome, making fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) the most effective microbial therapeutic to date
  • Recognize primary and secondary dysbioses as potential candidates for FMT
  • Define recipient, donor, preparation, placebo, and regulatory considerations for FMT and clinical trial design
Richard Kellermayer
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Pediatric endoscopy in high risk patients
Jenifer Lightdale, MD, MPH, UMass Memorial Children's Medical Center
  • Define high risk pediatric patients undergoing GI procedures
  • Discuss pre-operative preparation as a means to mitigate risk
  • Identify practices which may increase safety during endoscopy in high risk patients
Jenifer Lightdale
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The evaluation and management for patients with very early onset inflammatory bowel disease
Judith Kelsen, MD, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

  • Understand the components of the initial evaluation of very young children who present with symptoms of IBD
  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of the most common forms of monogenic VEO-IBD
  • Understand the different genetic sequencing options and when these studies are appropriate to perform
  • Understand the therapeutic approaches for specific monogenic defects in patients with VEO-IBD
Judith Kelsen
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Management of Hereditary Polyposis in Children (FAP, PJS, JPS)
Thomas Attard, MD, Children's Mercy Hospital
  • At the conclusion of this activity participants will be able to differentiate between the major hereditary polyposis syndromes relevant in the pediatric age group based on clinical, endoscopic-histologic and genetic testing findings
  • Activity participants will be able to formulate an endoscopic-intestinal and extraintestinal screening and surveillance plan of care based on the specific polyposis subtype
Thomas Attard
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