Moderators: Suzanna Attia, MD, University of Kentucky and Sana Syed, MD, University of Virginia

Beating viral hepatitis worldwide: vaccine$, antiviral$, village health care worker$, and informed public health official$
Kathleen B. Schwarz, MD, The Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Understand the global health care burden of viral hepatitis A, B and D, C and E
  • Know the indications for approved vaccines against A and B and the status of experimental vaccines for C and E
  • Be familiar with approved antivirals for HBV in pregnant women and children and for HCV in children
  • Understand the impediments to effective prevention of maternal infant transmission of HBV: the FISPGHAN study
  • Know how to advise public health officials on cost effective strategies to eliminate viral hepatitis globally

Kathleen B Schwarz
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Evidence synthesis in global health. What goes in guideline development
Aamer Imdad, MBBS, SUNY Upstate Medical University
  • Overview of evidence synthesis (systematic reviews and meta-analysis)
  • Introduction to GRADE (Grading of Recommendations, Assessment, Development and Evaluations)
  • Introduction to guideline development at WHO
  • Opportunities to learn and contribute to Evidence Synthesis
Aamer Imdad
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Micronutrient deficiencies and global burden including neurocognitive outcomes
Nancy Krebs, MD, University of Colorado
  • Describe global prevalence of most common micronutrient  deficiencies (MND)
  • Describe conditions that associate with risk of MND, with emphasis on iron and zinc
  • Describe the long-term impact of MND, including growth & neurodevelopment
  • Name 3 potential solutions/approaches to prevent &/or treat MND
Nancy Krebs
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