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NASPGHAN Foundation Innovations in Clinical Care Grant: These grants for developing office based educational materials are funded through the NASPGHAN foundation.  The office based grants are selected for funding by the Clinical Practice Committee.  The purpose of these grants is to support the development of innovative teaching materials that can be made available to the NASPGHAN practitioner community.

Health IT

EMR Template - Jeannie Huang
(Adobe PDF File)


Telehealth - Practice Management
Telehealth - Documentation and Billing

Center for Connected Health Policy (National Telehealth Policy Issues with federal and state policy information)
Federation of State Medical Boards (licensure requirements for telehealth listed by state)



NASPGHAN Guidelines and Position Statements

Foreign Body Ingestions

NASPGHAN Media Advisory on Magnet Ingestions
 Management of Magnet Ingestions in Children (including algorithm)
Patient and Parent Handout

NASPGHAN Podcasts on Magnet Ingestions
Webinar - In collaboration with the Children's Safety Network - Little Magnets = Big Problems