PGI Clinical Practice Focus Update 

This page is the site to access a practitioner newsletter called "PGI Clinical Focus".  The purpose of these updates is to provide recent review of articles or events relate to a particular clinical topic.  Most of these reviews are from a blog called "Guts and Growth" by Jay Hochman.  We group some of his reviews and occasionally add a review by one of our members that are related to a single topic.  These reviews are from a single persons perspective and are meant to inform practitioners about recent literature or news on a particular topic.  These reviews are brief and are not meant to be a critical topic review and do not represent NASPGHAN views or opinions on the topic.  Any information obtained from these reviews should be double checked by the reader prior to their use by the practitioner.  We are very appreciative of Jay for letting us use his blog material as the source of most of the reviews provided in the PGI Clinical Focus Updates.  In addition to the literature updates we will include physician and patient links related to the topic as well as topic related ICD-9, ICD-10 and CPT codes.

Link to Practice Community Blog

1) The reviews and updates represent the reviewers interpretation of recent literature and do not represent the view of NASPGHAN or the Clinical Practice Committee or NASPGHAN
2) It is the readers responsibility to check drug dosages and any other information provided by the updates prior to use.
3) Unless otherwise specified all review are used by permission from Jay Hochman's blog gut and growth.
July 12, 2013