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Maintenance of Certification

NASPGHAN 50 MOC Part 4 Credits PER 5-Year Certifying Cycle
NASPGHAN 50 MOC Part 4 Credits PER 5-Year Certifying Cycle
This $250 module will provide to each participant the ability to earn 50 MOC Part 4 credits using any of the available NASPGHAN MOC modules. Currently this includes the following modules: NASPGHAN MOC Failure to Thrive; NASPGHAN MOC Informed Consent; NASPGHAN MOC Colonoscopy; NASPGHAN MOC Upper Endoscopy; NASPGHAN MOC Constipation; NASPGHAN MOC Transition, and Enteral Nutrition. (Enteral Nutrition is supported by an educational grant from Abbott Nutrition.) Participants may enroll in ANY TWO projects to earn their requisite 50 MOC Part 4 credits within their 5-year certification cycle.

Once payment has been received, you will receive an email from about the next steps. Future emails will come from Please make sure emails from and are not routed to your SPAM folder.

Despite the wording on the check out page, materials WILL NOT BE SHIPPED TO YOU.

Note: Of the $250 charge, $50 is non-refundable.


On Line Learning

2017 Review Course On Line
2017 Review Course On Line
2017 Review Course Materials, including the slides, breakfast topics, and post-conference videos.

Having second thoughts about not attending the NASPGHAN Review Course “Essential Pediatric GI … Everything you wanted to know but are afraid to be asked” in February?.......Well, you now have a second chance to obtain the same information, from the same speakers, in the same format in the comfort of your office or your home.

NASPGHAN is pleased to announce that the Essential Pediatric GI Course syllabus and talks are now available to purchase. It provides an excellent review of Pediatric GI topics that is a valuable resource for board review, advanced practice providers and others looking for a thorough review of key Pediatric GI topics from experts in the field. After purchase, you will have online access to more than 54 topics that are available as power point presentations (which were audiotaped from the exact lectures given by the presenters of the Review Course). In addition, you can obtain the pdf files from the lectures and listen to questions and answers related to each topic.

Attendee Testimonials
"Being in a Community Based setting, sometimes represents a challenge in keeping up to date with the latest clinical practices. NASPGHAN's Review Course was exactly what I needed. It helped me review old concepts that still hold true, and expand on them, as well as learn new recommendations. All of this while reviewing to recertify. Content, organization, speakers and venue were all superb. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks for doing it!!!!"

“I have been in Pediatric gastroenterology since 1982 and I must say this postgraduate review course was the best. Excellent and friendly faculty, terrific and well thought content presented in a relaxed environment. The social aspect and interaction with colleagues was very much appreciated. In summary: An A plus for the organizers and NASPGHAN leadership. WELL DONE! Let’s do it again!”

“The course was superb and should be a model for other fields of medicine!”

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